Summer READS

According to the National Summer Learning Association, children from low-income communities are subject to a preventable phenomena known as the “summer slide,” in which children “slide” backwards in their reading skills and other educational abilities when not engaged in learning during the summer. Approximately two months of learning is lost during this “slide” effect. Subsequently, this creates a cumulative effect as the one month spent re-teaching is time deducted from the provisions to teach new material, deducing the overall likelihood of academic success over time. As a result, low-income children are less likely to complete high school or enter collegiate studies (Alexander et. Al, 2007). How do we resolve this crippling issue? What is our answer?

In Philadelphia, Summer READS is the answer for our children and youth. With Summer READS, our children will not “slide,” they will rise!

Summer READS is a quality 6-week integrative literacy program that infuses Reading, Enrichment, the Arts, Development, and STEM-2 (READS) into its daily programmatic delivery through its curriculum, community collaboration, parental engagement, and overall dynamically engaging and empowering environment. Students are placed in small classroom settings with certified and trained teachers with the goal to sharpen their literacy skills in preparation for the upcoming school year, thereby reversing the effects of the “summer slide.”

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Key Program Elements

Summer Learning Loss

In 2009, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, stated that summer learning loss was “devastating” and the “key step toward stopping the summer slide, is the development and launch of high quality programs that take advantage of time outside the school day and year to help children learn, grow, and develop” (Elling, 2009).

Register – Sponsor, Donate, Interns, and Employment

To learn more about the Summer READS program, how to sponsor a local Summer READS program, to make a corporate donation in support of Summer READS, or register your child, please contact or call us at 215-279-7450.

Thank You to All of Our Partners

  • The Uncommon Individual Foundation
  • The Community College of Philadelphia
  • The Free Library of Philadelphia
  • The Urban Nutrition Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • The Kimmel Center Arts Education Department
  • The Mural Arts of Philadelphia
  • The Rendell Center for Civic Engagement
  • Rock to the Future
  • PECO
  • The Philadelphia Phillies

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us as we work to ensure that Philadelphia’s children soar to their highest heights this summer instead of being impacted by the “summer slide.”